Welcome to La Chanca Life

Mad, foolish, brave or resourceful? At the start of 2019 I moved to La Chanca, the gypsy and Arab quarter of Almeria in southern Spain, choosing to live out there what some may call my mid-life crisis!

At the time I was 48, a former lawyer turned expat journalist, divorced mother of two, and alone and unemployed for the first time in my life.

So with the kids studying in England and me rattling around in my mountain ‘cortijo’ I decided it was time for a change – you can catch up on all the details in my first blog post ‘La Chanca Life’

After years of Spanish country life, the city lights beckoned – but city life with a difference.

Here I am a migrant among migrants, living in the shadow of the ancient castle, the Moorish Alcazaba, in a district of extremes, from the rubbish blowing around the streets to the beauty of the sunset over the harbour.

It is both challenging and fascinating to live in an area and society so different from what I am used to, and that is the inspiration for this blog, where for a year I recounted my experiences, both inner and outer, of living my new life.

Now, two years on, I am 50, working once again as a lawyer in Almeria city, and the charm of La Chanca still holds me here.

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