About me

I am a lawyer turned journalist who moved to the wilds of Andalusia with my then husband and two young children in 2007.

We lived the good life for a while, harvesting olives, picking oranges, learning Spanish, and the children had a great village life, becoming bi-lingual in the process.

I set up a kid’s choir and started teaching violin and piano, forming the Cariatiz Orchestra (very grand!).

I then got a job as a journalist on a local English language newspaper and spent seven years reporting on all the goings on in the province, both Spanish and expat.

Things move on however, my children have flown the nest, the paper closed down, and I am ready for a new challenge.

Me and the kids

For this I am indebted to my dearest friend Jeanne Henny MBE and her feisty nonogenarian father, Victor Henny, without whom La Chanca Life would not exist. Jeanne, who had a yen to invest a modest amount of money in Almeria, bought the house in which I am now living in La Chanca, and Vic has also given unstinting support to this venture.

Jeanne in La Chanca

Vic enjoying the sun (photo Diane LL Henny)