I’ve moved!

It’s now been officially eight hours since I have been on my own in the new house. And I am loving it!

I know it’s hardly long enough to tell, but it beats being alone in a massive house where you have to keep two wood burners going to stop your breath clouding in the air, and can’t have a shower till midday when the pipes unfreeze.

Here I have hot running water whenever I want it, a small paraffin heater has kept the living room cosy all evening, and a neighbour has even knocked on the door.

Ok it was just to ask me to move my car (parking is a bit tight round here especially for my tank-like vehicle), but he asked really nicely, and hey, I have neighbours!

At home in times of loneliness I used to stand on the terrace and look out onto the village lights in the distance below, and comfort myself that it wasn’t so far away. I could just get down there in minutes if I needed to.

But here another person is just a second away.

Not that that’s always a good thing, I know, but for me right now it’s a novelty.

I can hear cars passing in the street, the occasional voice raised in greeting, but it’s still quite peaceful – no loud flamenco music tonight!

It’s really city life with a country feel.

I actually moved in yesterday, when I had a lovely celebration here with my support team (aka Jeanne, Vic, Valerie and Freddy) who all raised a glass to the new era.

It was just what I needed after a slightly emotional parting from the dogs (well, crying all down the driveway) especially after Luna jumped in the boot and wanted to go with me.

However I knew I was leaving them in good hands, as Nancy and Harry, my excellent housesitters had arrived the day before and the dogs had really taken to them.

Luna (it’s always Luna isn’t it, she is like the problem child!) even slept with them instead of me, even though she had only just met them. Unfaithful hound! Bibi was a little more considerate though and kept me company for my last night.

So after all that it was nice to have the welcome party!

I then had a house guest as Freddy stayed over to go to the airport today, so this morning I took him to my favourite gypsy bar for breakfast – excellent coffee and tostadas for two euros.

It’s right by the local market, which is on every day and sells fresh fruit and veg, along with a great line in brightly coloured fleece pyjama wear – the favoured morning attire of the local women.

We decided I should either go for bright pink or leopard print, just to hold my own. I couldn’t quite bring myself to buy a set today, but watch this space!

(Although I do already have a purple furry dressing gown so maybe I’ll have my cup of tea outside in that tomorrow!)

11 thoughts on “I’ve moved!”

  1. Brilliant Emma, what a big brave adventure, love the fact that you are getting out of your comfort zone. I love your writing style, the humour in the blog is great makes it really interesting to read. Have fun will look you up when we are next in Almeria.

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  2. Hola Emma, felicitaciones! Super excitiing aunque no puedo imaginarme lo triste que debe haber sido dejar tus perras. Freddy me dijo que le encanto la casa y que el desayuno fue barbaro.
    Carinos de Peter y yo

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  3. Love your articles, brilliant writing. And there are always some expressions in English which are new for me and which I can learn from you! Can’t wait to visit you.

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  4. Hello Emma

    Best of luck in your new surroundings and with your new life there!
    I am a friend of Julia James, and I visited your house once with her prior to a concert in Cariatiz. From what I remember, the house was very big and also quite isolated. I think you have made a good choice.

    I very much miss the Almeria News! When I used to arrive at my place in Cortijo Grande, the first thing I did was to buy the newspaper and catch up with local events. Your blog is just as good, even better with those lovely photos.

    Keep it up – I will read your news with interest, and best of luck in your new home!



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    1. Thank you Malcolm, yes I do remember your visit! Thanks for your words of encouragement, it’s always nice to be supported in a new venture. I’ll keep up the blogs! Regards, E


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