Back to the law!

They say a leopard doesn’t change its spots, and I guess the same can be said of me!
After years of alternative pursuits – full time mother, piano teacher, journalist, to name a few – I have come back to my original profession of soliciting (and not on the street corners of La Chanca, I hasten to add!)
I’m proud to say that Jose Ramon Cantalejo, one of Almeria’s most established and respected lawyers, has taken me on as an associate to extend his city centre practice to British clients.

With JRC – our new collaboration begins!

What with my years as a solicitor in England, and what I have learnt here, living as a foreigner and working for the Costa Almeria News reporting on issues affecting the British community, it seemed like a good idea to combine the two.
And then of course there is Brexit. Or there’s not Brexit. Or there’s delayed Brexit.
I feel like I’m heading into a whirlpool of confusion, where nobody can tell you what rules apply or when.
For example, if you are not already resident in Spain, but should be and were hoping to slip it in before Brexit, think again. Almeria foreign office will not allow you to make any appointment before March 30 – and who knows what will happen after?
If Brexit is delayed, the same rules as now will apply, and presumably there will be a storm on the foreign office to get an appointment as soon as they open the system again.
If Brexit happens, new rules will apply and we await guidance.
I will certainly be outside the doors first thing on Monday April 1, to see what advice they are handing out – which then of course I can relay to all of you!
But the great thing about starting out again in a time of huge uncertainty and movement, is that I can be at the forefront of any changes, first in line to know the new laws and regulations – and to try them out.

Not a bad view from my office window!

The other thing to remember is that the Spanish law remains the Spanish law on all other types of legal matters – crime, civil actions, conveyancing, road accidents, family law – and JRC knows how to handle them all (or knows a man/woman who can…he is very well connected!)
He is a specialist in criminal law and you may have seen him in the Spanish press and television on high profile cases such as the murder of baby Miriam in 2012, or more recently the death of three teenagers in a cave fire on the outskirts of Almeria.
He is also representing a British couple who were allegedly attacked by a Guardia Civil officer in a trial this month.
But his 35-year-career has spanned all aspects of the law, he is the author of many legal, literary and historical articles, and is the director of the Almeria College of Law magazine.
His only drawback is he doesn’t speak English – so that is where I come in!
So I think I am well-placed – both professionally and geographically to ‘meet and greet’ people for all Almeria business – to give a good service.
Now all I need are some clients!

19 thoughts on “Back to the law!”

  1. I shall be needing your advice for the very same reason….Brexit!! We wait to see what happens.
    Congratulations on your new position.
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  2. So pleased for you Emma. Life is suddenly becoming rosier. Don’t forget to enjoy it now your future begins. Xx love Sue 📖🗞📨

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  3. Good Luck Emma and Congratulations on your new post. Well deserved and an exciting and challenging new path for you. We shall keep I touch and try to follow your blog. Ann and Stuart

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  4. Well done. Are you doing lots of training? Sounds fun. I like yoir blog. For some reason I can’t make comments on facebook only click like.

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    1. Aw thanks! I am on a learning curve yes, and will be doing some formal training too. Hopefully I will actually qualify as a Spanish solicitor in time! Hope all is well with you, write to me on email and tell me how you are! 😘


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