Still alive

Yes, I’m still alive and kicking in La Chanca, where it’s actually been quite peaceful recently.

No more fights or murder reports, just me nearly dying from the shock of returning to real life with an almost proper job!

I decided to supplement the freelance legal-admin work I’ve been carrying out over the last few months by getting a job as an English teacher in an academy.

The advantages are a regular income, part time hours and a proper contract, making my position in Spain as secure as possible in the event of Brexit.

To be honest, I thought it would be a breeze, but now I know the truth!! Ellie did try to warn me, after her stint at the holiday club at the same academy, but I just thought, I’m nearly 50, I’ve brought up two kids, hosted any number of kids’ parties and run a children’s choir. How hard can it be to teach a few Spanish kids English?

The answer is, very!! Respect to all teachers, how they do it with a class of 30 day in day out when I’m struggling with groups of eight a few hours every afternoon, is beyond me.

However, I am learning and after five weeks I can maybe see a way through the woods involving a lot of patience and a certain amount of bribery (it’s ok, only in stickers, though the Monopoly fake money I fished out of our old game seemed to work well the other day!)

So, I’ve been so wrapped up in lesson planning and bemoaning the loss of my freedom that I’ve hardly noticed life in La Chanca.

It’s passed me by in a haze of beer and Netflix filled evenings as I collapse at the end of the day.

I fell into a depression, wondering what I was doing starting so many new things 25 years into my working life when I should be comfortably established in my career and reaping the financial benefits.

But of course, the word ‘should’ should (haha) always ring alarm bells. It signifies a certain feeling of entitlement and ignores not only the previous choices I’ve made, but also the opportunities and privileges I currently have.

So, now that the initial shock and slide into self pity is over, I’m beginning to appreciate the fact that I am learning a new skill and possibly opening up a new profession for myself at this time in my life, when jobs are hardly growing on trees and the future of European life as we know it is in the balance.

Anyway, the great thing about the new job is the monthly pay cheque!

It came just in time for me to enjoy a lovely weekend away in Madrid for my friend Nicky’s 50th…

Followed by another good weekend trip to Murcia for an Ikea fix. I now have one of their classic chairs (very comfortable) plus about ten other things I didn’t know I needed!

And I also managed to catch a few processions in Almeria on Saturday – national fiesta day celebrating various saints and Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America.

So, roll on the next weekend and hopefully next month I’ll have enough energy to write something more interesting!

5 thoughts on “Still alive”

  1. Dearest Emma! How nice to hear from you and from la Chanca! I was missing your stories and I am happy to hear that you adjust in a completely new work experience. Many many years ago I did it for two years, teaching French, and at the beginning felt exactly as you describe! Just to let you know: I did my Camino starting in Saint Jean and arrived yesterday in Santiago! Hope to hear from you soon and wish you a big success as a teacher!
    Love from Manuela

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    1. . Manuela! How amazing that you have completed the Camino now, that is fantastic, I really admire you. Thank you for your comments too, it’s reassuring to know you had a similar experience. Hopefully in a few months I will be confidently enjoying my new role! I will write with more news of La Chanca the next time, meanwhile enjoy your homecoming. Love Emma x


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