La Working Life

La Chanca Life has mostly been La Working Life this week. With a glitch in La Cycling Life as my trusty steed had to go in for repairs. Almost everything was wrong with it, although apparently the transmission will last a little longer. Phew.

I actually had no idea what the transmission was but the lovely Jesús who has a bike workshop along the beach explained it to me. It’s the combination of the gears the chain and the plates. (Is that the technical term in English?)

He even sent me this illustrative photo on WhatsApp

He also very patiently explained to me three times the workings of the two sets of gears, but I am still a bit hazy on that.

Anyway, luckily I have the bike back and working as today I had to go to the office twice! Once in the morning, then home for lunch, then again for session two in the afternoon/evening. Perfectly normal for Spanish working life but a bit of a shock for me!

And after getting across the city for choir in my car in rush hour last night I am very glad I normally have the cycling option.

I arrived late, parking was a nightmare, and I had the wrong folder of music! Unheard of for me! (I blame pressure of work haha)

What’s happened to my life of tapas trails, city explorations and just generally hanging out?

I can’t complain though, I think I’ve had a pretty good run. And being back in the world of work is quite exciting. Next week I’m going to a murder trial!

So now when I get back, all I’m fit for is dinner for one in front of the tele – and because of that I’ve finally got round to trying out Spanish TV.

I’d like to say that the reason I’ve only come to it now is because I had many more interesting things to do (well I did have a pretty flourishing social life for a while) but actually it’s because I’ve finished my box set of ‘Miranda’ that I got for Christmas.

Love Miranda!

Anyway so far I have discovered the Spanish are as addicted to cookery programs as the Brits are. But hopefully over time I will get a more balanced view.

We’ve also been promised high speed Internet in La Chanca – and then it will be Netflix here I come! I’m holding off getting wifi until then so dvds and terrestrial tele are my only vice. (Of the home entertainment variety.)

Actually I’ve had an exceptionally virtuous week because as well as the whole work thing, I sang in a mass with my Spanish choir on Sunday. Next Sunday it’s back to normal with another concert of Spanish love songs, but still, it was a worthy outing.

Berja church where we sang in honour of the Virgen de Gádor

So with that I think I will go polish my halo and have an early night ready for work tomorrow.

Although that is one civilised aspect of the Spanish work culture – the evening work session is balanced by not starting till 10am! And I’m still always the first in!

3 thoughts on “La Working Life”

  1. Hi Emma lovely to hear the latest. If you would like to borrow some dvds I could bring some to choir, we have quite an eclectic list from romance to si if a little American Criminal minds set and Sharpe. Just let me know..should keep you going for a while in the evenings while you have your supper.
    Take care of that adventurous spirit.
    Love Sue x😘

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